Using Pinterest to Increase Your Site Traffic


Late to the game and wondering what all the Pinterest hype is about? For starters, Pinterest is a "virtual pinboard" that lets you organize and share all the awesome things you find on the web.  It can be used as an inspiration board for holidays and special occasions or simply as a place to share your favorite photos and bookmark ideas.  But there is so much more than that.  Businesses and personal blogs alike, can benefit from Pinterest's "free" marketing and SEO opportunities. Below, I've … [Read more...]

5 Common SEO Mistakes

image names

Despite the plethora of literature available on the web,  in  blogospheres and search conferences, there are still very basic search engine optimization concepts that webmasters continue to overlook.  And while the specific variables that comprise each search algorithm remain closely-held trade secrets, there has been ample research and testing conducted to shed light on some of the most important factors the spiders crawling your site are looking at.  But still, mistakes of all sorts continue.  … [Read more...]

Keyword Research: Finding the Right Words to Target

keyword searches

Okay, so you get this concept: Without the right keywords on your page, search engines and potential customers may never find your site.  Keyword research is in fact an essential piece of any search engine optimization strategy.  But do you know to look beyond the surface of the words you choose? Put simply, not every person is familiar with what you call your product or brand.  You need to understand what users automatically think and therefore type when searching for a product like yours.  It … [Read more...]

Webinar Review: 5 Ways Facebook Rocks & 5 Ways Facebook Sucks!

Trust: Facebook vs. Twitter

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Facebook webinar by Internet marketing companies offer webinars all the time on an array of topics from social media trends, and search strategies to web analytics and site diagnositcs– they are indeed one of the easiest ways to learn via the web. The specific topic covered in this latest session: 5 Ways Facebook Rocks, 5 Ways Facebook Sucks by Jennifer Laycock - and I must say she did a fabulous job! Below, I've recapped some of … [Read more...]

TWTRCON 2010: How Twitter is Transforming Business


In June, my boss and I had the pleasure of attending TWTRCON – the big Twitter for Business conference in New York City. Who ever thought of attending a Twitter conference, right?! Well as many of you know, my company is active on Twitter (@FreeScore) and ready to launch accounts for the new product brands – DebtPlan and IdentityHawk.  These days, customers expect brands to be present where they are, especially on social platforms which provide easy access for customer support, discounts or … [Read more...]

SEO Titles: Finding a Balance Between Creativity and Keyword Targeting

optimized titles

I’ve recently been tasked with finding essential SEO tips for web writers and journalists — professionals who can oftentimes lose free traffic to their sites by focusing on creativity alone. Writers think using clever headlines and titles are the keys to driving visits, but they forget to think about the way people are actually searching. Think about it for a second. When was the last time you googled, “skip marriage” when looking for “pros and cons of being married versus living together”? … [Read more...]